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Welcome to PoemAlley, Stamford, Connecticut's eclectic venue for poets, poetry reading and discussion! Open to anyone living in Fairfield County and the surrounding area, we meet Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm at Curley's Diner on 62 Park Place (behind Target) . Come contribute, get something to eat, or simply listen!

Jul 7, 2015

A Night With Three Downtown Muses Of Contact, Caring And Community

Cherished experiences as both beneficiaries and devotees of writing, interlaced with a continuing zeal for reaching out, support and belonging unify the work of the three featured PoemAlley speakers sharing the podium next Monday evening as part of a special Barnes & Noble Open Mic reading.

Adriana's the one in the white coat...
While formally hailing from Norwalk, Adriana Rexon confesses her Tuesday nights at Curley’s have made Stamford feel like home. She has studied poetry at Princeton with such acclaimed names as Tracy K.Smith and James Richardson. But her first and best teacher has always been her father, who used to read poetry aloud to her at bedtime instead of Good Night Moon. As a result, she has come to trust the sound of words more than their meanings--which exist both as an inspiration and an approach to her work.

Adriana continues to sate her phonic fascination by learning foreign languages, so far having tackled Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, French and Persian—a few of which she might even be pretty good at now!  

Rona D. Schenkerman, earliest of the trio to join PoemAlley, is a social worker who believes that everyone has a gift, though some just haven't found theirs yet. Besides the teens with whom she works, her numerous passions are dancing, poetry, animals and nature.

Herb Davison (1931-2009)
Her mother taught her how to read and she's been playing with poetry for as long as she can remember. Much like Adriana, upon first discovering Curley's she hasn't left “home" since. Rona is indebted to her friend and beloved PA alumnus Herb Davison (now writing poetry in the clouds) for introducing her to the diner’s Tuesday night family, of whom she remains thankful and awed. Some of Rona’s favorite contributions are reproduced in PoemAlley collections such as Wednesdays at Curley’s (Yuganta Press, 2006); most recently, she has placed poetry in And Then, Robert Roth’s literary magazine.

A Brooklyn girl at heart, Roberta Strom resides in Stamford, where she's still on the hunt for a decent slice of pizza. She speaks a little Chinese, is a free spirit, loves dancing and greyhounds. An enthusiastic Curley’s regular, Roberta lights up the place every Tuesday with her direct and heartfelt, all-stops-pulled-out pieces.

Hosted by Frank Chambers, Barnes & Noble’s Open Mic Poetry program meets the second Monday of each month in the cookbook section on the main floor of the bookstore (located in the Stamford Town Center), beginning at 7:15 p.m.


For more information, contact:

Barnes & Noble
100 Greyrock Place, Suite H009
Stamford, CT 06906


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